After more than 41 years in the metal & automotive industry, Malmtækni hf. is one of the leading players as importer of steel, aluminum, parts and plastic in Iceland. The company has achieved national and international success in business as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Started in 1970 by its director Orn Gudmarsson as a contractor for powerplants and power developments as well as modifying trucks for gas companies as well as soda and beer factories. In the years 1972 when the eruption was in Vestmann Islands Malmtaekni moved all its force to the islands to work in stopping the lava by pumping sea too cool the lava. The years to come the company worked for OS ( the National Energy Authority ) all over Iceland drilling into the surface looking for hot steam and water along with modifying trucks.

Malmtaekni hf. has a lot to be proud of since over the past 35 years the company has become one of the leaders in Iceland as importer for companies like ThyssenKrupp (Germany),  Astrup (Norway),  Centroplast (Germany) and many more. The material imported is supplied by the worlds leading producers and quality is constantly monitored.

Over the past years Malmtaekni hf. has expandet its product range and has started working with INOXPA one of the leaders in industrial fittings and pumps, as well as VOLZ who is a high class manufacturer in air filters.

We are a specialized company in import of all industrial and specialized automotive parts.

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